2023 Total Fitness International Powerlifting Team

The Total Fitness Powerlifting team will be heading to the 2023 USPA North American Championships in Niagara Falls, New York.  We are bringing a team of 11 competitors, one of our biggest teams to date for a national or international meet.  Of these competitors, seven will be competing in their first-ever national or international meet.  This is a truly exciting opportunity for these lifters to qualify and compete with some of the best lifters in the world.  As a team, we are hoping to have a strong showing, perform well, and bring home some medals as well as some new state, national, and potentially world records back to our home gym in Newport News, Virginia.

Lifter Profiles

Brandon Stuck

67.5kg Junior 15-19, Full Power Raw

I started weight training about two and a half years ago when my cousin pressured me into doing workouts with him in my shed with equipment my stepdad had recently bought. Over the summer, we had fun screwing around with the weights, and I had little idea as to what I was doing. In the fall, my aunt introduced me to powerlifting and recommended an actual program instead of just winging it. From there, I started training five days a week, and slowly learned that this sport is not about brute force, but refined technique, diligent programming, and consistent training. Over the next year, I watched video lectures and read books to increase my knowledge of programming and lifting techniques to better my performance. In the fall, I stopped training in my shed and started training at Total Fitness three days a week, where I was surrounded by other lifters that helped me improve and created an enjoyable atmosphere that being alone in a shed lacked. With Total Fitness, I have participated in two competitions, broken a stated record, and qualified for North American Championships.

My goal for this competition is simple—to successfully complete all my openers and do the best I can. I would like to hit a 360 lb squat, 200 lb bench, and 390 lb deadlift, but if it does not happen, I would not be too upset because I did all I could do.

Jackson Robbins

82.5kg Junior 15-19, Full Power Raw

Hi, my name is Jackson Robbins and I started powerlifting when I was 12. I love all of the aspects of getting stronger and bettering myself everyday. My goals for the North American Championship are to get the state record squat and deadlift. I also hope to qualify for next nationals in a higher weight class.

Ken Horner

110kg Masters, Classic Raw Full Power, Bench Only

I have been powerlifting for 2.5 years and really enjoyed the friendships and competing against guys from all over. The bonds it builds in and out of the gym is amazing. Thanks to the coaches and workout partners that call me the sandbagger lol , looking forward to ending this year in October in New York with more state records and a world record .

Anddora Martinez

67.5kg Open, Full Power Raw

Although I didn’t start powerlifting until 2021, my journey started when I was a child. Being a girl and also being the shortest or smallest amongst my peers and those 10 years younger than me makes you want strength. My goal in life is to show off my ability to be independent, strong, and smart, and continue to surprise myself and others by doing things that no one ever thought I could achieve. I’ve played soccer my whole life, and 3 years ago, I would have never thought I would love powerlifting and competing so much. The energy that everyone brings and the support everyone provides no matter how much or little you lift is phenomenal and inspiring. Feeling strong is what makes me happy. My goals for nationals are to go out there and give it my all while having fun and watching myself and others show off their strength.

Levi Robbins

90kg Junior 15-19, Full Power Raw

I have been lifting with the Total Fitness Team since I have been in middle school.  I began training to increase my strength in Lacrosse but enjoyed lifting so much that I started competitive powerlifting with the gym in 2020. I have held several state records over the years.  My current goals for this meet are to increase my totals in squats to over 415lbs, bench 225lbs, and deadlift to 415lbs.

CJ Savage

100kg Masters 40-44, Full Power Raw, Deadlift Only

Since 2012 I told myself that I wanted to be one of the strongest Beast walking around, just bring the seasoning salt cause “Imma Eat” when it comes to Competition. I started powerlifting in 2021, I set my goals & after competing in 6 meets + Nationals I made sure I was better in each event especially my favorite The Deadlifts. My goals for The North American Championships are simple “Crush My Goals” and those Goals are “Be Better” “Stay Ready” and “Feast On Those Weights”

Jesses Catino

90kg Open, Full Power Raw, Bench Only

I started powerlifting in 2014 and started competing in 2016. I’ve enjoyed the personal accomplishments and goals I’ve set for myself along with growing in the sport and the community. I train because I love challenging myself and reaching personal goals. One day I would like to become a meet judge.

Keli Hamman

90kg Open, Masters 45-49, Full Power Raw

In 2013, I had a fairly extensive shoulder injury.  My doctor told me to work on gaining muscle to keep my shoulder in place.  I took that advice and ran with it.  I had never been to the gym prior, but knew I needed to in order to regain health and strength in my shoulder.  I would see a few girls squatting from time to time and was so impressed. I wanted to learn so badly.  It took me three years of hard work just to have the shoulder mobility to properly hold a barbell on my back for a squat, but once I could it was game on.  In 2018, I competed in my first powerlifting competition earning four state records.  I will be coaching as well as competing in the 2023 USPA North American Championships will be my 6th national level competition.  I have two goals for this meet. One, to position my athletes to have their best possible meet bring home some North American Championship titles to our gym.  Personally, I’d hope to perform well enough to add a couple world and national records to the 26 state records that I currently hold and bring home that gold!

Josh Smith

82.5kg Open, Full Power Raw

Hi, I’m Josh and I learned by running cross country and swimming very slowly and sinkingly that my body was made for one thing: picking things up and putting them down. So I embraced that. One day I found my trainer Keli and she adopted me as her gym son and taught me proper techniques. After a series of incredible 3rd place finishes I was encouraged to compete in the northern American national championships inside of the Niagara Falls. I accepted the challenge, and I qualified by the skin of my teeth. So now I’m here. And I’m ready for another third-place medal. Let’s go.

Anthony Turner

100kg Masters 45-49, Full Power Raw, Deadlift Only

I have been competitive powerlifting for over 13 years.  I hold several records and continue to add some at the North American Championships.

Shawn Fawntleroy

140kg+ Open, Full Power Raw

I started my powerlifting career this year and to my surprise, I was able to defeat the VA squat record at my first competition, after many years of training for football starting at the age of 13. I was far from being a stranger to lifting weights. I have broken records at Kecoughtan, Fork Union, and Norfolk State University.

I look forward to being the best me at the North American Championships. I’m excited for the challenge ahead!

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